About eMedia Studios

Gold Coast Web Design & SEO Specialists

Who we are…

eMedia Studios was founded in 2002 by myself, Ross Gardner shortly after graduation with my Diploma of Multimedia at the Gold Coast Institute of Tafe.
The early stages of the business was painstakingly difficult, I was only partially equipped with skills and knowledge in the Adobe Suite, 3D Max, and I was taught the Microsoft language of .ASP and ASP.NET, opposed to PHP that I was quick to learn, the preferred language used in database powered website development in the “real world“.

Almost every project I undertook during the early years was a new learning experience. I had to research, join forums, learn from my mistakes and gambling occasionally on unknown outside assistance when I couldn’t find that error in my code.

It has been a long hard road, but one that has been incredibly rewarding, for along that road I have developed great skills and industry experience and discovered some incredibly talented and like-minded individuals, some of which now make up our dynamic and creative team.

What we do…

The title should maybe read “What don’t we do?” as there really isn’t many web and digital related products and services that we cannot provide.
If it is on the web, there is a strong chance that eMedia Studios can do it, and in that super rare case where we can’t, we can usually put you in the capable hands of someone that can. Out network spans far and wide and with most of our team being veterans in the IT world, we are able to combine our skills and industry experience to create a collaboration of knowledge that gives us eminence capabilities.

We are always on the lookout for new exciting projects and building strong business relationships with our clients We facilitate and acknowledge personal and professional growth and we strive to achieve excellence through innovation and continuous improvement. Our work speaks volumes and our clients are a testimonial to the level of professionalism and ethical standards we operate at. Join our list of happy customers and get in contact with us today.

How we do it…

When starting a new project with a client we have found one of the best ways to understand the business was to simply ask the client what they want their website to achieve.

This simple question often gives us an instant insight into the workings of the clients business and we feel this is an imperative part of the website development process as it gives us an immediate understanding and grasp on the main concepts and objectives. With this understanding we are in a much better position to effectively provide the right website solution.

Having great communication skills is one of the businesses foremost most important assets and allows us to co-ordinate projects where logistics make meetings unpractical or impossible. However, when possible we like nothing more than meeting new clients on a face to face level, sitting down and offering some of our own ideas and our professional advice, it just makes things so much easier when discussing a project.

Some of our clients