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Project Overview

Much of our work falls in our lap, we rarely look for it, we don’t advertise for it (apart from this website), but somehow it still finds us. Word of mouth has been great for us and this is how we obtain the majority of our work. It’s the same across most industries, if your good at what you do, people will talk and you will always be busy. We still believe that referrals are one of our best forms of advertisement and this is how we obtained Apex Pro Scooters as a client.

When Apex Pro Scooters got in touch with us back in 2008 they told us the ever so similar story of paying a Gold Coast web design business for a website that didn’t do what they requested and asked if we could help. Its always tragic to hear these stories, but we still get a little excited at the same time (kind of weird i know) because we know that we are going to be the ones that restore their faith and provide them with everything that they originally wanted.

The current Apex Pro Scooters website was recently updated, although very similar in design and based on WordPress like the previous website, massive increases in handheld device usage while accessing the website meant that the website had to adapt to these technological advances and we had that seen too.

Apex Pro Scooters

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