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Product Photography Services Gold Coast

When selling products and services it is extremely important to have high quality product photography. The more appealing your products look, the more likely your customers will respond to your brand, increasing your chances of selling your product. We all know that first impressions matter and the quality of your product images can make a huge difference in sales.

We create outstanding images that can be used on the web, in catalogues, social media marketing, advertising, print and in many other areas. We specialise in small to medium sized product photography as well as 360 degree product photography.

Whether you need just one shot or hundreds, we can provide you with stunning images that will make your products stand out and grab attention. We provide a professional product photography service for small to large businesses and offer competitive and affordable rates.

Product Photography

Product Photography Pricing

Accurately pricing can be difficult using a table rate pricing structure such as the one below. This pricing table can not always work out to be the best value for money for our customers. Therefore we provide the lowest price, our hourly rate of $75/hr or the price per image.

Examples of this can be best explained in the two following circumstances. One customer requires 12 photos, one of each of their 12 pairs of sunglasses that have reflective surfaces which require more time in image post processing. The second example would be where a customer requires 12 photos of one non reflective product for a 360 degree feature.

The difference in the time required to complete these two different jobs would be substantial.  We offer this price guarantee to ensure our customers get the best value for their money.

1 – 20 Images

$22 / image

21 – 50 Images

$20 / image

51+ Images

$16 / image

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