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Responsive web design is a website design technique that allows a website to alters its layout on different devices to eliminate horizontal scrolling. So a website on a desktop computer would inherit a completely different layout on a smartphone or tablet whilst still maintaining easy to use navigation and provide the viewer with good readability. This website design technique also allows developers to hide and show certain website elements from displaying in different layouts

Today mobile internet usage surpasses desktop usage with close to 60% of websites accessed by mobile phones. With increasing mobile phone use its a no brainer that your businesses website must be mobile friendly and responsive to keep your site visitors on your website and to allow them to enjoy their browsing experience.

It can be painful to scroll horizontally on a smartphone, zooming in and out to read text, especially if you are like me that is all thumbs, in most cases a potential customer or client will just move onto the next website and they potentially get the business instead of you. If you have us develop your website you can rest assured that you will never have this problem as every website we build is responsive in design and displays perfectly on all devices, desktop, tablet and mobile.

Do you have a current website that is not responsive? If you answered yes, then get in touch with us and let us provide you with a free quote on redesigning and rebuilding your existing website into a responsive WordPress website.

Responsive Web Design

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